Mammal Monday 27: Splish-splash (2) I am taking…

…a bath. And that’s about all the actions of the animals I showed previously and those I will show today have in common. Everything else – mass, phylogenetic position, overall body shape, swimming ability, and so on – is way different.

I put the pics below the fold to increase the suspense – ain’t I a bastard? 😉 And it’s a 4MB animated GIF, so expect some loading time on slow connections.

(Note: this is a prepared post as I am in Spain for the 2012 EAVP meeting in Teruel. Lucky me!)

This lady knew exactly what she was allowed to do (thus, no puffing and blowing water at the spectators), and how to get us wet anyway. I have some more photos with spectacular fountains she caused; will post them some day.

(if the GIF doesn’t animate, click through. This will usually help)


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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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One Response to Mammal Monday 27: Splish-splash (2) I am taking…

  1. himmapaan says:

    Wonderful. I look forward to the fountains.

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