EAVP 2012 part 1

Yesterday, I arrived in Valencia for the 2012 EAVP conference. My Italian colleague Matteo Belvedere had organized a rental car to take us to Teruel, where the meeting will take place at Dinopolis, as well as an apartment in town. Surprisingly, despite being an Italian, he managed it all very well. But then, he’s from northern Italy… 😉

Catedral de Santa Maria in Teruel, image by wikipedia user Jorgenmar, license see here.

Teruel is not only a nice city, but it is also set in a scenic landscape. Here’s the view from my window:

Note the badland-ish aspect of some of the landscape.

More to come once it stops raining and I can go around town to take some photos.


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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6 Responses to EAVP 2012 part 1

  1. 220mya says:

    Is that a comment on the language barrier, or organizational abilities of Italians?

  2. Matteo says:

    Not to say that the lazy Italian had to bore waiting for the “no-matter-what-always-on-schedule” German.. 😀

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