EAVP part 3: talks, talks, talks

Yesterday was packed choke full of talks, with the organizers having a good hand in how they mixed the sessions: each session had at least one interesting talk for everyone, so nearly all participants stayed for all sessions.

There was, for example, a talk by Jeff Wilson on the patterns of serial variations in the laminae of sauropod dinosaur vertebrae. Interesting and very well presented. “Dino” Frey gave a short talk on the dinosaurs from Mexico, which was rather depressing (so few finds, 15 dead in “Dino”‘s new locality in one year so their project looks not really secure) but also tauhgt us that a Mexican province’s map looks like Jeff Liston’s (of Leedsichthys fame) head (much hilarity ensued). Also a bunch of talks on dinosaurs in Spain, including one on reconsctructing the skull of Turiasaurus by Gasco et al., and so on….

The evening was quite the usual: palaeontolgoists storming all the bars in town, drinking much beer and wine and talking dinosaurs (and other extinct stuff).

Today, I hope to find some time to check out Dinópolis, and look forward especially to a talk by Daniel Marty et al. on a Swiss tracksite, a number of other track talks relevant to me work, and a talk on the cool, dwarf hadrosaur Tethyshadros insularis by the Dalla Vecchia.

For good measure, here’s a photo of a cast of the T. holotype.

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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