EAVP part 4

Today is the last day with talks at EAVP 2012, including mine. It’s going to be a rather boring affair, as I will talk about the problems with range of motion analyses on fossils.The rest of the session and the one before will feature a number of interesting talks, though, and a very mixed program: from Enantiornithes and fossil penguins to digging, running and climbing in recent and fossil synapsids.

Before I rush off here’s a few photos of the (IIRC late Miocene to Pliocene) badlands around Teruel, and of the town.

as always, click for larger version.

Most of the badland area is in dark red sediments, but at the top and in same places laterally there is lighter-colored stuff. I mainly found red silts, sandstones and conglomerates, and think – but I am not really a well-trained sedimentologist – that this is all alluvial deposits. Quite some nice channels, and some serious cross-bedding to be found! Here’s a nice example of a fining-up sequence, starting with an erosional contact at the bottom, a conglomerate, then finer sands with cross bedding. The top layer is missing in this picture, but where present consists of a fins red silt, the top of which was cut off by the next channel.

I took a hike yesterday along one of the paths the city has built on the hills overlooking it (yes, hiking paths in Spain! what have we come to? Feel free to make jokes about the Germanization of Spain in the comments).

Here’s a view from up there of the town:

Gotta run – late for the first session.


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