EAVP 2012 field trip

Today I’ll go on a field trip to Jurassic track sites. I’ll try go get nice photographs, but we will likely be there at the wrong time of day, lacking the low-angle light that makes the tracks easily visible.There recently was a nice paper by Castanera et al. on the tracks at one site, they show some “weird” characteristics. Well, weird if you assume you cna use Alexander’s formula on them……

Yesterday evening we had a delicious conference dinner, with various well-known researchers at my table fooling around the entire time – it was hilarious! If you ever have the chance to experience Christian Meyer, Jeff Liston, Daniel Marty and Dino Frey combined with a good wine, do so! 🙂

The table was decorated with a Tyrannosaurus rex model, 1:15 scale. We had good fun picking out the errors in it. Sadly, my phone’s camera was totally unable to deal with the low light – sorry! That’s even worse for the second round of dessert, as Luis Alcalá presented us with Turiasaurus teeth – chocolate ones!

As I said, the phone camera….. sorry.


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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3 Responses to EAVP 2012 field trip

  1. San Saurio says:

    Be Loved meeting!!!!

  2. Momma always said….”life is like a box of chocolate Turiasaurus teeth”. I think they edited that last part out in the film. Cool piece of candy regardless!

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