Holiday post: S’more Baltic Sea impressions

I am currently on holiday at the Baltic sea, and only back in Berlin for one evening. Internet access is terribly slow on my USB stick, thus I wasn’t able to post the last few days. Before, I attended a German Science Foundation roundtable meeting in Bonn, which was held with the intent to nail down a Priority Programme proposal. Cool stuff, I met a bunch of people I hadn’t met before, and the discussions were great fun.

Obviously, I am not going to say any more at this stage. Instead, I’ll post a bunch of Baltic Sea impressions. Tomorrow, it’s Theropod Thursday again, and I promise some pretty cool Baltic theropods 🙂

Our holidays of the last few years all took us to the town of Zingst on the Zingst peninsular. it separates the Baltic Sea proper from the Bodden, a brackish lagoon. Day trips to Rostock and Stralsund are common for days with questionable morning weather (you don’t want to be stuck in a 1-room apartment with two small kids for a full day of rain). Here’s a bunch of random pics from these locations (previous Baltic Sea stuff here, here, here and here.

Shortly before sunset at the Zingst beach. In fact, this photo was taken under the very pier where I took my best-ever photos of gulls in flight. Except for the beach, Zingst is more or less unremarkable, and has been crammed full of rental flats and houses for tourists.

In contrast, Stralsund and Rostock are proper towns with Hanseatic League history! Stralsund’s old town is, together with Wismar‘s, a World Cultural Heritage Site – and quite rightly so (though personally, I would have given that title to Stralsund alone). Rostock, in contrast, has a proper harbour – you can sometimes see large cruise ships from further away than you can see any of the town’s buildings. And it has a big windjammer parade every second year.

A Rostock harbour view.

And a panorama of Stralsund harbour. You’ve seen this before if you are a long-time reader of dinosaurpalaeo; I used this view in my first post on panorama images, and to test various panorama stitching programs. The cool white building is worth a post of its own one day; it is the Ozeaneum, an aquarium/museum that ties in with two other museums also belonging to the Stiftung (Foundation) Deutsches Meeresmuseum, of which the larger is again worthy of a separate post one day – or in fact many posts! Need I say more than “350.000 L ocean turtle aquarium”?

Some more of Stralsund:

’nuff for now! I’ll have a few more posts for the holiday soon, including (I hope) the Meeresmuseum and Ozeaneum ones.

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