The Meeresmuseum in Stralsund

In Stralsund the Deutsches Meeresmuseum has filled an old monastery, has had a new building added to that, which holds (among other things) the 350.000 L aquarium for marine turtles, and quickly started growing even more. A few years ago a new building, the Ozenaeum, was opened – but today I’ll show you some impressions from the old museum.

One exhibit seems specifically designed to please PZ Myers:

In the old church you can find whale skeletons, here a Northern bottlenose whale (Hyperoodon ampulatus).

(panorama pic, thus some distortion)

Orcinus orca – in contrast to the baleen wahles this skull is quite impressive!

In a rather dungeon-like part right behind the entrance there are some more skeletons and prepared animal, inculding sea lions and seals.

My wife in the background, pondering how to get me away from the bones.

Dolphin embyro sagittal section. Cool, hu?

Upstairs there are plenty of ship models, explanations of the fishing history of Germany, dioramas and cabinets with local wildlife and so on. And then there is the aquarium, with a focus on subtropical and tropical seas. The Baltic and North Seas are shown in the new Ozeaneum.

and then, there is the marine turtles aquarium……….

of which I will show more in the next post.

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