Theropod Thursday 26: more raven

Just now I posted my recent shots of a wild raven, in Berlin of all places. Just for fun, here are my until-then only wild raven photos from Rügen.

These two were carousing around the trees around the parking lot of the Nationalpark-Zentrum Königsstuhl (English webpage, wikipedia). I’ll have to rant properly about that place one day; there’s a parking lot (for a fee) quite a ways off, you walk your ass off to get to the National park, then they suddenly announce a horrendous entrance fee. Needless to say, we didn’t go that day – too angry.

Anways, the ravens. The parking lot next to the National park entry was in the shade of huge beech trees, and I didn’t have the same camera I now have back then. Also, I was utterly clueless about “shooting” birds on the wing, and I was carrying my one-year-old daughter. Thus, the photos aren’t very good. Considering the circumstances I am, however, quite proud of them: actually getting the flying bird into view on consecutive exposures and roughly into focus, without the camera being pre-set for high ISO and rapid fire, is not too shabby for a rank amateur!

I do not know that the ravens were doing. Courtship? A tad late in the year. Territorial dispute? They were much too cosy with each other. But they were not entirely happy with each other either. No idea.

Anyways, some additional non-theropod pictures apropos Rügen.

and, because of recent developments with a tragic death, let me point out that pretty chalk cliffs are NOT stable in violent weather. You approach at your own risk – as is pointed out by the signs that are posted about every three meters along the stairs down to the beach!

The last photo is especially for @Claudia_Hahn. me trying to take an artsy nature photo LOL

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