Back home – and back to work!

I arrived in Berlin yesterday, at my beloved Tegel Airport, and am now back to work. As usually, there are tons of (mostly stupid and useless) emails to answer. Sigh! Not much time for blogging, and thus only a few selected photos as appetizers for posts to come, posts on the dig I volunteered at, and the places and people I visited afterwards. Zion National Park is excluded, as I already upped a preview.

Wildfire near Heber, Utah.

Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum

Dinosaur National Monument

Arches National Park

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

Dana Quarry, Wyoming

Wyoming and Utah wildlife

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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3 Responses to Back home – and back to work!

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  2. San Saurio says:

    Awesome travel!
    and, What about the digging? did you hunt a lot?

    A bilobed footprint 😉

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