A strange coincidence

As you all know by now, I recently visited the Dinosaur National Monument. More precisely, Dan Chure kindly showed me and Brooks Britt around the renovated and rebuilt Quarry Visitor Center – “…a building that will not fall on the bones” as he repeatedly stressed. Very many thanks, Dan, it was a wonderful experience! Here’s one of the many photos I took that day:

Brooks (left), Camarasaurus femur (middle) and Dan (right).

When I got back to Germany, I got a message via facebook from my colleague Francisco Ortega, who sent along a photo…..

… and the question: Is that you????
 (yes, that’s me, trying to come up with a smart answer the one of the many questions the rangers asked me when they realized that I know a lot about dinosaurs)

Turns out Francisco was there with a group of students, and one of them thought he recognized me. Francisco naturally told him that it’s extremely unlikely – but in fact we happened to visit there on the very same day.

Sometimes, earth is a very small place!

More DNM reports to come.


EDIT: it gets even more absurd: I did talk to Francisco, in passing! But because my mind was elsewhere I only thought his face “familiar”!

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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3 Responses to A strange coincidence

  1. What’s worse is that we were talking on how to make some photographs with my camera. The friendly “unknown” made me ​​some interesting suggestions… Thanks again Heinrich 🙂

  2. Ruth Forth says:

    Henrich – did you keep your mess kit this time? We met you at the Popo Agie campground in 2003. I was told Popo Agie was French, but I heard later it is Shoshone for “beginning of waters” or “river of tall grass” – perhaps it could be a blend of the two. I still like your slang definition better!
    You have often been quoted, paraphrased over the years – cited of course!
    Ruth & Kevin Forth – Utah

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