Mystery ichnofossils – please help!

Today, I am asking for your help! If you have a few minutes and some knowledge of archosaur track fossils please help me with a track fossil project.
Here’s a figure with outline tracings of tracks.

I have intentionally not provided any scale, and scaled all tracks to equal length of toe III. Similarly, there is a good reason why I am not telling you where these tracks come from, and in what kind of sediment they were made. That’s because this is supposed to be a blind test – I hope you are willing to be my “blind outside check”!

What do I ask of you?
Please check out the figure and email me – not to the list! – the ichongenera you would assign these tracks to. Multiple genera, if you can’t say for sure, is perfectly OK. Also, if you think you can make an informed decision on what animal made these tracks, please do tell me your best guess at trackmaker.

Also, please pass this on to any colleague you know of who is not reading the DML. Answer should please be provided directly to me vai email:


Many thanks in advance to all who participate!


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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