Wyoming Wildlife 7: oh deer!

Our daily routine at the dig in Dana Quarry in Wyoming involved a car ride to the shower and to fetch potable water. I’ll have more to say about camp life later, including this shower. For now, it only matters that these trips were an excellent opportunity to see all kinds of wildlife. That became evident the first evening I spent there – “oh, deer!”

This doe and her fawn were feeding on the rather green green grass of their home, (or rather, clover, looking suspiciously like Alfalfa [Medicago sativa]) a sometimes-irrigated pasture near the quarry. They only looked at us, even went back to feeding, as long as we stayed in the car….

but when I got out to take these photos they really picked up their ears. And then, when I got back in and the car started moving again……

…..off they went!

(this photo is not re-sized, but cropped, as are those above – and was taken shortly before sunset out of a driving car. Sometimes I just LOVE my Canon EOS 400D and my cheap  SIGMA 18-200 tele!)

The fawn ducked under the fence on the other side of the road. The doe, though……


(uncropped, un-resized, click through for full size – I just love the tint the car window gives to the sky in this one).

The ease with which the doe took this obstacle was fascinating. Sometimes, stinkin’ mammals can be be something but “awwwww, cute!“, they can be fascinating!

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1 Response to Wyoming Wildlife 7: oh deer!

  1. himmapaan says:

    Cervines for the win!

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