more digging Wyoming dinosaurs

In the previous post I lamented the dearth of finds at this summer’s Sauriermuseum dig in Dana Quarry. Time to show you how rich the quarry still is – we were just unlucky that the patch we were able to dig in held nothing big. We had planned for a different spot, but first the farmer had to harvest his barley and thus couldn’t push off the overburden with his huge caterpillar, then the Bobcat broke and was not available to remove the remaining layer – I guess some 5 tonnes of rock. Tough luck! By the time I left the dig the Bobcat was still not working, but I later heard that it was repaired, put to good use, and that the dig became more successful later.

But, as mentioned, the quarry is still full of good stuff – just on the Dinosaur International side. I showed one photo earlier on, here’s some more. I also happen to have a nice photogrammetry model, but the 10% sized version is a tad to big to post at slightly over 100 MB. One day, when the model has been cleaned up and all, I may export an orthophoto and post that, but given the size of the model that will take a while. So you’ll have to make do with the snapshots below.


and an overview photo:

all in all, this part is some 12 m long; it looks a lot smaller than it really is! A huge number of bones in there, but not in one layer, as a later post will detail…….

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