even more Woming dinosaurs

At Dana Quarry we had a venerable Ford Clubwagon to get around – shopping, shower trips, and so on. Shopping meant a >1 hour drive to Worland, so that two people would be gone for half a days every few days just to get groceries and ice. This van has quite a history with the SMA digs; I got to know it in 2003 already. Back then it was already rather…. dilapidated, but it has survived the 9 years in between without much more damage.

Absurdly, I do not have any photos of it! Not from 2003, not from 2012.
EDIT: Kaspar Wipf, who attended the dig with me this year, just sent some photos, including this shot:

The rest area, the kitchen trailer in the background, and our trusty van.

I do have a close-up shot of a neat detail, though, a real Wyoming dinosaur:


but the bus has more dinosaurs on offer…. sometimes…

click to enlarge

and the artist at work: geologist Julie R. from Switzerland drawing a large theropod – RAWR!

EDIT: and another shot of this dino, photo by Kaspar Wipf

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