when the sh*t hits the……..

….. glass!

a view from the other side:

and here a total, including two of my children, that will tell you something about why I am posting this shit:

find photos of the perpetrator below the fold.

I guess you know by now what the photos will show: what zoo animal regularly throws poop at visitors, and throws accurately enough to hit a significant percentage of tries?

here you go:

Ivo, a male Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) living in the Zoo Berlin. Ivo is roughly twice as strong and short-tempered as he looks. How strong he is became apparent by the ease with which he climbed a rock wall in the enclosure:

(click here for a high-res version of the animated gif).

And how ill-tempered he can be became apparent a short while later, when he kicked the glass window in the wall with his hands and feet to scare a zoo visitor looking through it. “WHAM!!!!!!” I slapped the equally strong, similarly mounted glass pane in front of me with all the force I could muster. All I achieved was a tiny “wham.” But then, look at the bulging muscles all over Ivo! When he moves they move easily under its heavy skin like Volkswagens parking, to steal a line from Douglas Adams. Admittedly, the original refers to rhinos, but it is much the same for a gorilla.

enough Ivo – his wifes will feature in future posts.

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2 Responses to when the sh*t hits the……..

  1. Robby Gilbert says:

    Love it! Stories on the show of stength by these animals always amaze me. I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing something similar at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky a few years back. Rediculous amount of power whizzing by me in a flash. No gorilla poo in my version, but had I not seen him heading my way, I may have dropped some.

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