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stepping into the breach

SV-POW! has been pretty devoid of SV lately (sauropod vertebrae). They did have a few in the latest Sauroposeidon post, and a few caudals further down the page – but overall Matt, Mike and Darren are slackers! Time to step … Continue reading

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Digging Wyoming dinosaurs – camp life

This summer’s dig at Dana Quarry’s finds having been shown it is now time for some photos of camp life. Here’s a nice view of the camp. On the left is a large, flat area, mostly bulldozed debris from the … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 32: massive cute!

The Zoo Berlin has two new starts. Here’s the heavyweight. Sadly, Daddy’s got Herpes, so the chances for this little Asian elephant are not as good as one would hope. I’ll stick a gallery with many more photos below the … Continue reading

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even more Woming dinosaurs

At Dana Quarry we had a venerable Ford Clubwagon to get around – shopping, shower trips, and so on. Shopping meant a >1 hour drive to Worland, so that two people would be gone for half a days every few … Continue reading

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more digging Wyoming dinosaurs

In the previous post I lamented the dearth of finds at this summer’s Sauriermuseum dig in Dana Quarry. Time to show you how rich the quarry still is – we were just unlucky that the patch we were able to … Continue reading

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Digging Wyoming Dinosaurs!

Today, we take a break from the seemingly endless series of Wyoming Wildilfe, and instead I bring you some non-avian Wyoming dinosaurs. Bone and tool shed, Dana Quarry, Wyoming That’s the first dinosaur you will see when you come to … Continue reading

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Did the earth move for you?

It sure did for those of us who wish to get away from killing trees for publishing science: The ICZN has voted to allow online-only publication of taxon names! Obviously, there are conditions to be met, but so what? They … Continue reading

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