Rhino reacts slowly, idiot survives!

Today in the Zoo Berlin, I saw someone climb into an enclosure. Obviously, the idiot was trying to impress the assorted females in his party with this daring act. He chose the male Indian Rhino‘s enclosure, and he was very lucky that the rhino bull took a few seconds to notice the intruder. The charge came right after, but by then the guy had recovered his balance from jumping over the ditch, and was ready to jump and climb back.


I would have liked to see a parallel to the video I linked to only two days ago……. only it would have gone MUCH faster! 😀

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8 Responses to Rhino reacts slowly, idiot survives!

  1. himmapaan says:

    I don’t know that I would have quite relished such a sight myself, but yes, that was unmitigated idiocy alright.

  2. it’s not the first time someone stupid tried to get killed in a particularly stupid way. Here’s a woman diving into the polar bear enclosure in 2009:
    and the vid

  3. steve cohen says:

    A few weeks ago someone jumped into the tiger enclosure in NYC’s Bronx Zoo.
    Needless to say it didn’t turn out well for the wacko — but he lived.

    • “I think it’s safe to say that if the tiger really wanted to do harm to this individual, he certainly would have had the time to do that,”

      Oh really??? Who’d have thunk…..

      “We did not have to use deadly force, but we were prepared to do so if we had to,”
      to kill the guy so that he would not hurt a tiger, I hope – in vain 😦

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