Theropod Thursday 29: Elaphrosaurus

The Theropod Thursday series has seen a lot of extant theropods, and quite few non-avian ones. This won’t change, both because extant theropods keep hopping in front of my camera lens, and because I simply am NOT a theropod worker. Still, what little I have I will share…

I have previously posted a panorama of the MfN Berlin Elaphrosaurus mount in lateral view. Also, another post showed an oblique view, but there is a stupid ornithischian taking up an incredible amount of space in that picture. At least, theropods are saurischians! Thus, it is time to show a few more photos of this enigmatic animal.

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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3 Responses to Theropod Thursday 29: Elaphrosaurus

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  2. So much better than the old behind-the-glass wall mount! You can really see the cursorial limb proportions well from these angles, too.

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