Pumpkin Dinosaurs galore!

Mystery photo 1, the pumpkin stegosaur, has many brothers. Can you name them all?

my son loved them all!

My daughter thought it pretty ridiculous that this “Three-horn” is eating a pumpkin!

The entire parade is to be found at an asparagus farm south of Berlin, a farm that has a big pumpkin fair every fall. They also have a parade of different pumpkin varieties; here’s roughly one third of the Wall of Pumpkin Diversity:

They also have a 534 kg pumpkin – it didn’t win the Berlin-Brandenburg pumpkin competition, because it came from outside the state, but it is heavier than all the specimens submitted to the competition.

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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3 Responses to Pumpkin Dinosaurs galore!

  1. steve cohen says:

    There was a TV report showing a record-breaking pumpkin that weighed >2,000 lbs.
    Reportedly surpassing the one-ton mark represented the “four-minute mile” of gourd-raising!

  2. himmapaan says:

    Oh, yes! These are wonderful!

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