Mystery photo 2

This one is way easier: What’s this?

HINT: it is NOT a weird kind of Tartan track.

closer view:

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5 Responses to Mystery photo 2

  1. himmapaan says:

    A pond covered in (?)duckweed. Picturesquely topped off by autumnal oak leaves.

  2. My first thought was a mud slurry, but the greenness really, really offsets that as ludicrous (though there is green mud). Natee’s duckweed idea makes much better sense.

  3. steve cohen says:

    The leaves look like they are on a solid surface although a small jpeg limits the sharpness of the image when enlarged.

    A painted concrete path (leading to??) in the early Fall is my guess.

  4. and himmapaan is right on: this is the pool in the outdoor enclosure of the pygm hippos at Berlin Zoo!

    yes, it looks almost as if the leaves rest on a solid surface, but that’s caused by them resting on the duckweed!

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