Mammal Monday 37: pygm hippos

I recently used a photo of the pond in the pygm hippo enclosure at Zoo Berlin as a mystery image. That pond is so full of duckweed, which makes it very fun to track the underwater movement of the animals via the waves they create.

Pygm hippo (Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis), for once on the surface.

Pygm hippos are usually totally ignored. Everybody thinks hippos are cool – and deals only with Hippopotamus amphibius. Even zoos tend to have the bigger species, partly because the pygm hippo is much rarer and used to be much harder to get. However, for the same space and cost, you can keep a much larger number of pygm hippos….

Here’s the inside enclosure in Berlin, two parts with some dry land area and a lot of water each.

Although pygm hippos are the size and rough body shape of tapirs, they are in fact (together with their larger cousins) close relatives of whales. However, they move around on land a lot, during the day a lot more than Hippopotamus. Which is good for zoos – more to see 🙂



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