Fall & sun – ideal photography conditions

A sunny day in fall – that’s the best you can have for just walking around with your camera. Or even staying at home…. Just sayin’.

Looking out our living room window. The yellow leaves shine like gold.

View from kitchen window into our garden.

Saturated colour besides blue and green (which you can get in summer, too), lots of flowers, lots of leaves, birds, small and large mammals, even butterflies – which are a lot easier to photograph because the light is less harsh)

and the clouds, too:

looked like there was a funnel cloud in the middle sucking own the surrounding ones 😀


all the above is also true in zoos:


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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2 Responses to Fall & sun – ideal photography conditions

  1. steve cohen says:

    Love the butterfly image; great use of depth-of-field to focus attention on the subject while still retaining context.

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