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Theropod Thursday 30: stuffed full of stuffed birds

A somewhat unusual subject for today: stuffed birds! No, not the kind you serve for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but birds prepared as museum specimens by experts taxidermists.

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Mammal Monday 35: more cute baby rhino

Another example of the advantages of rainy day zoo visits. The mother kept the baby around the corner of the building and thus out of view while there was a crowd. Saturday, there was no crowd…..

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Rainy day zoo visits

It is understandable that 99% of all people plan zoo visits in the hope of sunny weather, as they do for hiking trips and fieldworks, for example. However, as opposed to the latter two, danger in the form of slippery … Continue reading

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Addendum to Theropod Thursday 29: Elaphorsaurus

me stoopid, me forget me have more pics for you. I guess this will make Tom Holtz even happier 😉 huge panorama image, near-dorsal view. Is this a goodie or what? Click for full size. and a lateral view, slightly … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 29: Elaphrosaurus

The Theropod Thursday series has seen a lot of extant theropods, and quite few non-avian ones. This won’t change, both because extant theropods keep hopping in front of my camera lens, and because I simply am NOT a theropod worker. … Continue reading

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Rhino reacts slowly, idiot survives!

Today in the Zoo Berlin, I saw someone climb into an enclosure. Obviously, the idiot was trying to impress the assorted females in his party with this daring act. He chose the male Indian Rhino‘s enclosure, and he was very … Continue reading

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Corvids – coal-black, croaky, clever!

The intelligence of non-hominid animals has been one of my favourite topics for a long time, as all can attest to who ever had to suffer through a monologue of mine on parrot or ape intelligence. Corvids, the family that … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 34: more recent cute at Zoo Berlin

I recently mentioned that the Zoo Berlin has a heavyweight “new”, and another one. To be perfectly honest, the second newcomer is not that much lighter – albeit much harder to photograph. more below the fold.

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