going to EVA Berlin 2012 – Electronic Information, the Visual Arts and Beyond

I will spend the next three days at EVA Berlin 2012. This is something like DigitalFossil 2012 writ large, and run by competent people. And, obviously, with a much wider focus than a narrow-minded palaeontologist like me can dream up. And it’s going to be great fun!

The best bit: when my colleague Oliver Wings told me about the conference a while ago I immediately understood that he was right: this was an event that the museum people involved in digitizing in the broadest sense should attend. Thus, I fired off an email to our directorate, and within minutes they agreed they would pay me to go! That’s what I really love about the new leadership: they decide, and ASAP. And they trust people to know their area of expertise. Thus, I will spend tomorrow learning about Historical Objects and Digital Modeling: Current Concepts, Strategies, Standards and Digital 3D models in the cultural sector: State of the art and potential uses.
The latter topic may sound off-topic for a palaeontologist, but the presentation titles are:

  • 3D-COFORM – Tools and Expertise for 3D collection formation
  • 3D digitization technology for museums and cultural institutions
  • Acquisition and Presentation of Virtual Surrogates for Cultural Heritage Artefacts
  • 3D labs and museums: Optimization of workflows
  • Practical experience of 3D image modelling of cultural objects at the V&A Museum

Well, if you replace “Cultural Heritage Artefacts” with “Fossils”…… that’s just what we need: people who’ve done it telling us, who are starting to do it, how it works, and how it does not work.

I don’t know if I can live-tweet the conference, and I sure as hell will be too busy taking notes to blog it live. But I promise a thorough summary – I’ll have to report on it at the museum anyways, and will revamp that into a blog post.

And yes, this week will see a Theropod Thursday post 😉

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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2 Responses to going to EVA Berlin 2012 – Electronic Information, the Visual Arts and Beyond

  1. Thomas Tunsch says:

    See http://bit.ly/XiTAwb for notices about the conference in the MuseumsWiki, and feel free to contribute and collaborate.

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