Mammal Monday 41: more of Urzeit Park’s Cenozoic

The Urzeit Park in Germendorf has been featured before. Today it is finally time for the remaining pictures of their mammal models and other post-K/T stuff.

Let’s start with the animals I had previously figured, but with better photos.

ParaceratheriumAs mentioned, this animal is pretty much a must-have for a place that has ample sauropods standing around. This view, however, shows up the massive difference in overall shape: compare that dinky thing sprouting haplessly from just above the anus to the tail below:

and remember: this is likely an under-muscled tail, and non-diplodocid sauropods weren’t the tailiest of sauropod either!

Another issue if the neck and head – gracelessly fat in the mammal, elegant and slender in the dinosaurs. P. can only turn away in shame and slink into the forest…….

For those who are into stinkin’ mammals I’ll now post a neat photo to finish the sorry story of indricotheres.

Not the elegance of the sauropod necks in the background and compare to the ridiculous handles on top of the skull of P. Yack!

While they are in the picture, let’s have another look at the Phorosrhacos models. I like the colours – not too drab, not overdone.

But back to giants – there is a very nice elephantid near the entrace – kick my butt for me please, I forgot to take a pic of the label.

I really can’t say what this is supposed to be, sorry. Way too young for my interests, too.
More almost extant stuff: Megaloceros

Fake fur always looks, well – fake! The Woolly mammoth looked so bad I didn’t even take any photos. And then there is this…….. I do not really know what to think of these – a recent addition (and those not on the map I photographed). Some sort-a seal (3S), but that’s all I know. I am not even sure they are supposed to be an extinct species.

I avoided Smilodon and the giant sloth, but I had to take a photo of these weird critters, with which I will conclude the post:

how utterly ugly and misproportioned! And not even proper fur!


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