Theropod Thursday 40: Freeze!

In order to break the long row of avian dinosaur posts on Thursdays it is today time for a Theropod from the Freezer: Cryolophosaurus!


Yeah, you’ve seen this shot before if you are a long-time reader of dinosaurpalaeo. Today, I’ll simply throw a few more photos from different aspects at you 😉



This mounted cast/sculpt stands in the RBINS in Brussels, a museum I can only highly recommend to any visitor to Belgium, and not only because of the iguanodonts! I’ve posted a few blurbs about my visit there before (here, here, here, here and here)





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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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4 Responses to Theropod Thursday 40: Freeze!

  1. Marc Vincent says:

    Don’t suppose you know how old this mount is? It looks very allosaur-like. Great close-up shot of the feet by the way.

    • I don’t know exactly, but it must have been 2007 or 2008. In 2009 I took part in an EAVP special meeting in the newly renovated museum in Brussels, and the mount was created during that renovation.

  2. John Oostenryk says:

    Ah HA! Elvisaurus~LoL…
    I surfed in to your blog via pondering crinoids… and got hooked by your progression through the German strata/museums.
    You surprised me, I thought to see more birds on TheroThurs… nooo.
    And I did a total “double take” whaaaaat? Is that???
    I am at Fryxell Museum of Geology at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois- where the Cryolophosaurus lurks just inside the front doors:) VERY nice lil venue.
    If you ever pass thru- stop by for a “behind the scenes” look- typically no problem-a bonus aspect of small venue:)
    Downstairs, the prep work continues on, freeing the rest of the fossil skeleton from that HARD Antarctic matrix!
    Really enjoying your blog here, Thank you and Rock On!

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