Full-scale dinosaurpalaeo pictures now for download!

Most photos I show on this blog are my own, and were taken with either my own Canon EOS 400D or my project’s Canon EOD 650D. Th original files are therefore between 3.5 and 6 MB, typically, and panoramas can be up to 100 MB asPNG files. Obviously, I don’t wan to put such large files on a blog hardly anybody reads. Therefore, I downscale them, typically to 33%x33%; i.e., the resulting files are 600 kB to 1.6 MB. Much better for bandwidth and free space on the blog.

Occasionally, though, readers ask for full size pictures, and so far I have been happy to provide them via email or other means on an individual basis. To optimize this, I have now created a dropbox folder, in which I will in the future offer files I get requests for. How does this work?

If you want a full-res version (or an uncropped version) of a photo on dinosaurpalaeo, yell in comments or send me an email (firstname.lastname@gmail.com). I will invite you to join the dropbox folder, and put the files there. Once you have downloaded them, please tell me!

Please allow a day or two for this, I must go hunting for the original photos in various folders, because they do not have the same names as the versions I upload here.


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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