On the way to Zion National Park

Today, I am interrupting the irregular series of posts on the Posidonia Shale for a few photos from last summer’s work trip to Utah. For one thing I need a break from all the Urweltmuseum Hauff stuff. Another reason is that plenty of people come to this blog for the sole photo of Zion NP that I have posted so far. They want Zion, well, let me give them more Zion 🙂

But before I get to Zion NP I will now post a few photos taken during the drive there from St. George.

Wouldn’t you just love to live in such a landscape?


That’s the kind of landscape Utah is just completely full of – colourful ragged mountains! Elsewhere, this would be a national park – within Utah I normally wouldn’t even stop for the view, but shoot a few frames out of the car at 65 miles an hour. On one of the few stops I did make on pull-outs I found this very nice Solanum elaeagnifolium, a relative of tomato and potato.


I was in a hurry on that drive, otherwise I would have stopped a few more times. But I had spent a great day at the St. George tracksite museum, with a guided tour by Andrew Milner and Jeff Harris, and knew I would barely make it into the national park in time for late-evening light and sundown.


Here’s one thing Americans sadly are very good at indeed: putting utterly ugly housing into utterly grand landscapes. Luckily, National Parks make this a lot harder, but it is bad enough all around them.


This is along the last bit of road – which keeps going on forever: a dead-end unless you enter Zion NP, and all along it the scenery gets ever better and better. So much of a sedimentological crescendo, in fact, that one really has to wonder why all this isn’t included in the park! And then, finally, there is a park entrance (only for foot traffic, this one), and a visitor center, and a few hundred yards down the road the car entrance.


I paid my 20 bucks – a lot of money for a 3 hour visit, but in the end well worth it. What’s to see inside the park – or a small part of it – will be shown in the next post.

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3 Responses to On the way to Zion National Park

  1. dobermunk says:

    Them’s some fantastically massive rocks! Love that park.

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  3. Zion is amazing. It’s red-rock formations portrays a very cozy and calm sensation over the bright blue sky.
    Great Picture! by the way.

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