more Tierpark birding with Dave

a few more bird photos from my visit to the Tierpark Berlin with Dave Hone.


Eurasian magpie (Pica pica [nominate]) in the vulture aviary. That’s a huge structure housing 11 species of “vultures” plus the Eurasian buzzard, the Steppe Eagle and the Bateleur. A giant construction with a rock wall and with a mesh wire over it that has loops big enough to stick a camera lens through. Or your hand….which may not be a good idea. Dave was quite impressed with it. I have posted some photos from it before, including bathing vulture. This time they were more inclined to sit still or sleep – but at the sound of my camera the eye popped open ASAP.



Gyps fulvus and (I guess) Gyps himalayensis. And below fucking Lämmergeier (Gypaetus barbatus)! Sorry, I was a few steps away from the mesh and thus couldn’t stick the lens through a loop.



We also encountered a peacock in the snow, and because a certain reader reacted with delight to close-up views of the animal’s head I’ll post a few more pics of it.



from behind – this view emphasizes the bulk of the animal.

peacock tracks – some heavy editing was required to make this photo show anything more than white-on-white.

Note how the toes are angled much further apart when the foot is on the ground than when it is up in the air!


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5 Responses to more Tierpark birding with Dave

  1. himmapaan says:

    Ah, Heinrich, you do know how to please your readers. 😉 *Squeals at more peafowl pictures*

    You know, as superior as Tierpark Berlin must be, London Zoo has one up on it by sheer virtue of the green peafowl they keep there. 😉 That said, the Snowdon pavilion in which they are housed probably won’t afford the same views as these. I ought to make a point of braving it there in the snow next time to find out.

  2. The Peacock footprints are awesome! Man, if that doesn’t make you want to watch a dinosaur walk around then please find some images / video of a Steller’s Sea Eagle for me. I seem to recall seeing one at the bird show at Utah’s Hogle Zoo and really wanting to get some up close looks. Yes, yes, I can Google it, but I’m always more facinated at the creatures you have images of.

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