Coming up: giraffe times at the RVC

Tomorrow I am heading over to London to spend a few days with John of the Freezers Hutchinson and Vivian Allen at the Royal Veterinary College. We’ll be doing SIMM modelling of giraffe limbs – yay!


You may remember that last year Sebastian Marpmann and I spent two visits to the RVC cutting up giraffe limbs – the by far biggest thing I have ever dissected – under the tutelage of dissection champion John. In case you don’t remember, or wish to see some gory photos of giraffe muscles again, here’s the full link list.

more giraffes alive and well can be found galloping, bending their stiff necks,  and just hanging around and (in one case) being horribly cute, here.

I’ll be back on Wednesday, hopefully with a lot of cool stuff to tell and loads of photos from London Zoo, which is on for Saturday, probably with one or two other science people.

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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