Darwin Day 2013 at the RVC

It is my last day here at the Royal Veterinary College London, and what better place to spend Darwin Day (wikipedia and Darwin Day Foundation) than here? Just look at this photo of a small part of John of the Freezers Hutchinson‘s big animal bone collection:


There’s some of the giraffe that I helped dissect up there, too!

So what have I been doing today, aside from reading cool sauropod neck papers I reviewed?

Giraffes! That’s what I’ve been doing! To be exact, I am busy putting muscles on the hind limb model in SIMM.


and I was just helping John give an offering to Darwin to celebrate the day. Can you identify all the bones? Head over to John’s blog for more of this weird practice.


Now, I’m finally on my way back home. Heathrow airport, Terminal 5. A shopping mall with well-hidden access to airplanes in a few places. YUCK!

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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1 Response to Darwin Day 2013 at the RVC

  1. That is one heck of a scapula at Chuck’s feet, Heinrich. Yowza. Sometimes, you need the right scale to get the right impression.

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