Want to sponsor palaeontological research? Here’s your chance!

By now I guess the vast majority of people has heard of Dave Hone’s attempt to crowdsource a really cool project on cannibalism in giant tyrannosaurs. If you know what I am talking about and haven’t made a donation yet, here‘s your link. Head over and hand over a few bucks! I recommend that you at least donate $10, because that will give you a chance to win a really cool piece of palaeo art by Luis Rey (yes, Luis Rey!).

All others may need a bit more of an explanation, which you can get both at the donation site linked above, and on Dave’s blog Archosaur Musings here and about the cool stuff some really good palaeoartists are doing about helping here.

One piece of excellent news is that Dave received an offer for accommodation from a colleague, so he actually needs a lot less funding than he initially expected. The total is down to $3,000 now. I would be very disappointed in the palaeo-crowd if that sum can’t be quickly reached.

What, you’re still here? Move and donate! NOW!

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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2 Responses to Want to sponsor palaeontological research? Here’s your chance!

  1. David Hone says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Heinrich, and thanks so much for your contribution. It’s very much appreciated and I’m really not trying to eek out cash from my research buddies – I know how tight things are. But then I guess you really want a chance to win the Luis art? 🙂

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