Theropod Thursday 43: London Zoo birdfight

No, I did NOT see birds kept at the London Zoo fighting – although I did see birds kept at the London Zoo mock fighting. They were in different cages with a common mesh, and from both sides fly at the mesh. But that’s for a later post, now I will show you some photos of wild fighting dinosaurs. I apologize beforehand for the bad quality of the photos. It is mostly caused by my cheap equipment and the overcast and thus rather dark day. Wish I had a EUR 10,000 camera and a EUR 3,000 lens – the pics would have been much better.



Hm, come to think of it – these pics are pretty good actually 😉 I love my EOS 650D and the 300mm Tamron 😀

So this time, for a change, it is not fighting-dirty (Velociraptor-style) Zombie Tits, this is another passerine (thus equally dirty fighting), the European Robin (Erithacus rubecula). The two were going for each other for several minutes, bouts of 30 seconds fighting with breaks of about 15 seconds. They took their fight up into a tree, but that didn’t last long, they were back on the ground, one pinning the other down, within seconds.

And here’s the winner, somewhat dishevelled but proud of himself:


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