Science sneak preview

A sneak preview on some of the science stuff I do.


The track is the type of Eubrontes (?) glenrosensis SHULER, published by Adams et al. in Palaeontologia Electronica in 2010. The toes in it – that’ll have to wait, but I guess some of you can make some educated guesses 😉


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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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8 Responses to Science sneak preview

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  2. tsjok45 says:

    Wow !
    A named theropod track …
    I’ve allways been a “paluxy river tracks ” (and (other) ichnofossils )freak …. Thanks for bringing this to my attention ….
    p.s. Let’s keep an eye on your “ichnofossil ” tag …

  3. Mark Robinson says:

    That print looks like it was made by a “broad lizard”. 😉

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