funniest science article ever?

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch.

Browsing the German palaeo-blogs (yes, there are a few really good ones) I just came across an entry at Gunnar Ries’ Mente et Malleo that deals with a paper published in the Journal of Geology. A paper that certainly makes my shortlist of Ten Best Papers ever, and may well be the funniest thing you can find  in peer-reviewed print. It is rather short, and appears to be a reply to an article showing the authors of the reply wrong on something.

and here it is:



but this is more than just a flippant reply, this is in fact a bunch of successful scientists publicly – and not in a newspaper but in the very place where later generations of scientists will go look – stating that yes, indeed, our previous publication was wrong! That takes a lot of character.

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3 Responses to funniest science article ever?

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  2. San Saurio says:

    It is difficult to admit that you’re wrong. Bravo by these researchers!

  3. Mark Robinson says:

    A lot of character, perhaps, but not many characters.

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