surprise dino-art

Dieser Beitrag auf deutsch.

Sometimes, you find dinosaurs in places you’d never expect them. Recently, I went for a walk with our youngest in his stroller, and hit upon this:


sorry it’s only a cellphone photo. But this is a cool garage door: a sauropod and a volcano in the background!

The same walk provided me with some nice views of the local stream and marsh called the Tegeler Fließ. Here in the North of Berlin it forms a meandering stream a few meters wide, often turning into larger pools and with quite an extensive marshy border around it. Much of it is a nature preserve!

and no, it is not pink in reality – again, the phone cam is to blame.

you do get “real nature”, though: fallen, rotting trees, dead upright trees where the water table has risen, and so on. Accordingly, quite a lot of water-affine birds.


Mallard. Nothing special, but with the reflection of the tree trunks and the sun it looks cool.

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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