Cool dino conference in Spain this fall

Dieser Beitrag auf deutsch.

This fall, from September 5-7, the VI International Symposium about Dinosaurs
Palaeontology and their Environment will be held in Salas de los Infantes
(Burgos, Spain). Organizers are the Colectivo Arqueológico y Paleontológico Salense and the Museum of Dinosaurs of Salas de los Infantes. All the info you need can be found via this site. Registration and abstract deadline is July 31, so you have ample time to plan and write.

I won’t be there, although it sounds like a very cool conference. And I’ve been to that part of Spain before, doing my diploma mapping stuff (although that was a bit NE of Burgos), and it is a nice are, with nice old towns (Burgos is cool!) and, if you drive a bit North into the Cantabrian Mountains (where I did my mapping) the landscape gets really really cool. I really should post about my time there; I have some cool landscape photos and some really neat geology photos.

Well, off you go to Spain!


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