What’s doing science like? Laboriosus se alet sciurus!

Dieser Beitrag auf deutsch.

little by little the squirrel feeds itself.

OK, works better in German, where it is a colloquial phrase. The English equivalent is Little by little the bird builds its nest. I translated the phrase into Latin, because it sounds better and describes the process of trying to do science rather well: you have very few Eureka! moments, but a lot of grudging, plodding advance. No cats or martens messing with you, but there’s enough stuff going on in museums, like requests for help by colleagues, occasional calls form the press, and administrative stuff, that you will often feel that you’re not really getting anywhere.

That’s the main reason why things have been so quiet here – lots of things to do (watch this space for posts on some of them soon), as well as a very sore throat. I’ve lost my voice, and that’s been going on for a full week now. Very annoying.

Anyways, here’s a Sciurus that today se alet in our garden – below the strategically located bird feeder. I placed it so that I have a clear view from the kitchen window.




Sciurus vulgaris

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