more Holzmaden marine reptiles – this time at the MfN

Dieser Beitrag auf deutsch.

I’ve bombarded you with marine reptiles of all kinds from the Posidonia Shale of Holzmaden before, all of them from the Urweltmuseum Hauff: ichthyosaurs, more ichthyosaurs, and plesiosaurs (including pliosaurs) and crocodiles – as well as various specimens spread throughout the other posts on the Hauff museum. Then, there’s posts from the Urweltmuseum Fischer (here, here), across the road from Hauff. And this monster image of a specimen at the Fischer museum.

Not enough! There is the Stuttgart museum (SMNS) to come, and today I will show you more Holzmaden reptiles from the MfN. These were packed up in crates some time ago, sent to Hauff for re-conservation and re-preparations (the rock had been painted over with grey paint during East German times, among other issues), and were now opened for a limited to time to grant access to researchers.


Here’s Seeleyosaurus guilielmiiperatoris (Yes, named after Emperor Wilhelm). I’ve mentioned it before, when showing a cast of the holotype. I didn’t know that the MfN has such a wonderful specimen, one that even has some remains of soft tissues! Right now it is still accessible, sitting on a metal holder in the wooden transport box (you can see some of the wood-wool that was used in the packing, too), but it is not accessible for normal visitors. Rather, it will soon be packed up again and slumber until the next large part of the museum has been renovated. Then, we hope to be able to show it again in the permanent exhibitions, along with the other exceptional specimens from Holzmaden.


This ichthyosaur has 10 embryos in the body cavity, and one has been pressed out by sediment compaction. Really cool. As always, click through for a larger size –  in this case 20% x 20% of the full panorama! Below is a full-sized view of the writing you can see between the front paddles:


personally prepared by B. Hauff in 1903! Wow!

Enough for now, I’ll keep hold the other beauties back for later posts 🙂


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