Another science sneak preview update

Dieser Beitrag aud Deutsch.

It has been deathly quiet here, because I was desperately trying to finish my paper. It was due on April 30, and that deadline wooshed by spectacularly. However, I managed to get the thing into a presentable form and submit it Monday evening – PHEW! Now I just hope that the reviews and revisions (and there will be quite a lot to revise, I’m afraid) can get done in time for the intended publication date just before SVP in Los Angeles.

For now, here are two figures from the submission, to whet your science appetite!



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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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9 Responses to Another science sneak preview update

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  2. dobermunk says:

    If I see that correctly, the shoulders are bobbing way up and down. I was having a heck of a time getting the front and back strides to be compatible, that would be a method.

    • yep, the short forelimbs here really give trouble. But – to be perfectly honest, this was an attempt to absolutely maximize stride length, and the walk is NOT realistic!

      • dobermunk says:

        unrealistic for a normal walk? Or at all?
        Methinks it would look very believable, the hurried run-walk forcing lots of up and down movement at the chest…

  3. The modulus banding of your sauropod models make them look vaguely like tapirs. Rather charming, actually.

  4. Jealousy spilleth over here. =) Look’s cool — when can we ride them?

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