Happy birthday Kando!

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch.

At the Tierpark Berlin on Monday I had to go to the elephant and rhino (and siren!) house. My kids love playing in there; they have small wooden elephants you can climb and sit on, and there are sparrows all over you can chase. Doesn’t matter if the elephants are inside or outside, unless they happen to be fed, take a bath or get a shower. That’s cool and will be watched closely.

Monday they were all outside, but fodder had been prepared already. For little Kando (male adolescent African Bush Elephant Loxodonta africana), a special meal had been prepared.



Carrots, hay and apples are regular diet, the rest is extra.

and here is the little rascal, he just turned 6!

Well, Kando, a very happy birthday to you!

About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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