Mammal Monday 49: upside down

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch.


Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) finding out that the branch it intended to sit on was softer than expected.

Let’s see what brought it into this predicament.

up – all fine! Out on the branch – OK until you let go of the second one and put all weight on a single branch. Which promptly bent away. OOPS!

So there he hung, until he decided that…..


…if you can’t climb down, drop!

Ring-tailed Lemurs are very stylish creatures, by the way, and always find new ways to hold their tails as an accessory. As a scarf, as a stola, or like this:


Photos by me at the Tierpark Berlin.


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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