Zoo Berlin’s new bird house part 2

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch.

Continuing with the new bird house, here’s now a quick look at the “treetop path” and the walk-through aviaries.


(click to embiggen)

This is a 360° panorama taken from the “treetop path” – quick&dirty both in the taking and stitching, so please excuse the “shattered” column etc. The big stone railing looks out over the large open “Indochina” area, the two windows are first floor views of “Australia” and (East Central?) Africa. Below is a another panorama of “Indochina”, from a spot a tiny bit closer to the railing, so that we can see over it a bit better. It gives a pretty good feeling of the size of the place.


(click to embiggerate)

Despite the large area, there are only six species being shown, although the sign holder has room for 12 signs. Let’s subtract 3 for sponsorships and the place is still 3 species short – I wonder if more species will be introduced by and by. A view down the path:

The vegetation is pretty unexciting, especially right now where it is newly planted. Bananas, palms, Hibiscus…..



The birds in this? Bali Myna, Fairy-Bluebird, Sulawesi Ground-Dove, Pheasant Pigeon, Red-Billed Leiothrix, and Asian Glossy Starling. I saw the Myna and the Starling, as well as the Pigeon. Pics after next visit, I hope.

On to Australia. That is a very cool aviary!



Masked Lapwings and a palm.


Channel-billed Cuckoos.

Overall, very cool, and because the vegetation is quite sparse the birds are easy to see in the Australia aviary. Now on to Africa – Eastern Central Africa, it seems.


with (right backgournd) a fake termite hill.

I’m really looking forward to see what other species will move in (if any), and how the large aviaries develop as the vegetation grows.


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4 Responses to Zoo Berlin’s new bird house part 2

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  2. himmapaan says:

    I need to paint that hibiscus, nao!

    And those cuckoos, too, come to that.

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