Flight of the falcons

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch.

On holiday, so only a handful of photos. The first one is pretty cool


Falcon (Falco sp.) in flight. Photo taken at a show at the Wildpark Tambach (site in German only). Sorry, I can’t remember the species; they have F. peregrinus, F. biarmicus, F. cherrug, F. rusticolus and F. sparverius, IIRC. The one above is, I guess, a Lanner Falcon (F. biarmicus), but if anyone with a better knowledge of falcons knows better, please do comment!

In contrast to your typical flight with an airline, there was no choice of meal. Only chicken was available, no fish!


I have some more photos of the falcon feeding on the falconer’s glove, but because they feature rather headless and bloody chicken I’d rather not post them. Yell in comments if you want them.

Next up was this bird:


As you can see form the background the weather was not really nice; in fact it rained through most of the show. The low light meant not only that I had to turn the ISO up quite a bit, but it also made the autofocus a bit slower – in the end too slow for most photos. The birds were just too close too much of the time. In retrospect I should not have used the 300mm, but my short lens.

Below more chicken destruction




A Saker Falcon, I believe.

I’ll have some more photos from the show and the entire game park later.

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