AMNH visit 2013 Part 1: Oviraptor photogrammetry

Pretty much everybody know IGM100/1127, the holotype of Khaan mckennai. Today, I get to study this beautiful specimen a bit.


The first thing to do is a HR photogrammetric model. I ran the alignment and did a medium density model of a small part, so I’d quickly know if the model will come out fine.


that looks very good, wonderful alignment of three rows of photos.


and this the medium density point cloud sample. Wowza!

Next up, a new set of photos with long exposures and low F. That should be even better. Then, close-up series of the skull, the hip, the tail (which is what I am here for), the hands, the feet, and so on.


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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