busy times…..

This place has grown terribly quiet recently, and I apologize to those who’re keenly awaiting the next post on dinosaur mounts……

Just kidding! I know all you wait for is the latest rant 🙂 However, although there is plenty to rant about (and preciously little to rave about, although a few very kind people have been very good to me recently) – anyway, although there is much I could rant about right now, but I don’t have time.

There are a ton of things I really need to do very urgently, and whenever I attack one, another more important one crops up. Right now I need to finish, by last Tuesday:

  • submit a grant request
  • write another grant request
  • ready 3 papers for submission (two cases: re-first-submission), each requiring about a month of work.
  • resubmit two papers (edit: 12 hours laters both are now on their way! Yay!), minor changes required
  • finish two very important and urgent SIMM models
  • finish a bunch of 3D models of bones
  • pack for China
  • go shopping so the family stays afloat while I’m in China
  • do a LOT of style editor work, much of which is way overdue
  • find a job, ASAP!

So all I have for you today are a bunch of photos, as teasers for upcoming posts (in a year or two or so).



Yes, a “behaviour” post, with illustrations from my garden, that’s to come soon!


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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