A wonderful Plateosaurus watercolor

Last fall, on my big US round trip that ended with the SVP meeting, I spent a few days in New York, working on photogrammetrizing oviraptors (two links) at the AMNH. One evening I spent with the incomparable Gary Vecchiarelli and equally incomparable Christopher DiPiazza, drinking beer, talking dinosaurs, shooting the shit – a fun evening I hope to repeat as soon as possible. Chris and Gary are Jersey boy, and they love dinosaurs – what surprise that there is a matching blog: Jersey Boys hunt Dinosaurs.

Chris surprised me with a present. I’d previously given him some advice on a Plateosaurus drawing, and well – see for yourself:



Very many thanks again, Chris, for a wonderful watercolor of my favorite dinosaur 🙂 (I’ll email you the full-res scan). Love the pose, and the proportions are perfect!


About Heinrich Mallison

I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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2 Responses to A wonderful Plateosaurus watercolor

  1. Thanks Heinrich! We had a great time too next time you are over here or we are over there we shall do it again!

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