SVP2014 – the wind-up

Today is Sunday, November 2, 2014, which means that the 74th Annual Meeting of the venerable Society of Vertebrate Paleontology will start in less than 72 hours. Hashtag #SVP2014, by the way. Depending on how you count the public lecture on Tuesday evening, things start day after tomorrow in the evening or one day later – at 8 a.m.!

As is usually the case, the last minute preparations are crazy, but this year the crazy is extreme. SVP comes to Berlin, and I am on the Museum für Naturkunde’s Host Committee. That’s added stress to the usual, with the latter being two posters (one as first author, one as second who has to do most of the work due to our division of labour on the project). The first is finished, the second still in the making. Ugh! But both posters deal with cool stuff, and I am very much looking forward to my colleagues’ reactions. Obviously, I’ll post about both here, too.

What else will be up this week? For one thing, EVA Berlin 2014! Where I will give a talk on Wednesday morning (yes, ideal timing *sigh*) on how a lack of standards for documenting how you 3D-sscan something means that nobody documents anything, which invalidates many 3D-models for research. Ugly topic, and I hope my talk will be a sort of wake-up call for many players in the field.

And then, obviously, there will be a bit of free time to talk to all those many friends and colleagues I only see sporadically. And there will be beer, and dinosaur talk, and anecdotes about crazy professors, crazy students, crazy excavations – i.e., there will be vertpalaeo-fun 😀

So, back to poster making…. here’s a sneak preview.

tail recon

Photogrammetrically derived 3D model of the tail of Citipati osmolskae with partial muscle reconstruction.


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3 Responses to SVP2014 – the wind-up

  1. I hate you already for having more details on Citipati osmolskae than me. (But am excited to see this work!)

  2. Mickey Mortimer says:

    Nice. That’s the only image of the Citipati holotype’s posterior that has been made public.

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