I thought I knew what ACAB means

Walking from the msueum to my car I recently happened upon a trashcan in a public park. It had some grafitti on it, and lots of stickers. One read ACAB, which normally means All Cops Are Bastards. Not a sentiment I agree with. But coming closer I could read the smaller-print full text…..




What the hell??????

All curators are bastards?

First of all, nearly all curators I ever met are really cool people. The rest may not be the nicest people in the world, and I may not want to be friends with some of them, but I have never met a curator whom I would call names. Not one.

Secondly, the generalization has me stumped: all? What insane idiot is so weirdly twisted that s/he believes that an entire group of people, and a large one at that, are all mean – and then curators?

Lastly, who in their semi-right minds would go to the bother of actually having stickers printed with this slogan?


Colour me totally confused…..

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4 Responses to I thought I knew what ACAB means

  1. Andy Farke says:

    I wonder if they mean curator in the hipster sense (i.e., someone who collects vaguely related images/essays/music/products/etc. and posts them on a website) – e.g., “Check out this great curated collection of photos of ironic mustaches.”

  2. Chase says:

    The person who posted that sticker needs to learn that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  3. aquadraco says:

    The term comes from a series of works by an alleged artist of Swedish origin, named Klas Eriksson. He uses football references in his works, and creaed a large number of “supporter’s scarves” showing the “all cops” and “all curators” phrases for an exhibition. I’d guess that the sticker is related to that exhibition. More details here – http://www.klaseriksson.org/works/acab-first-cops-second-and-third-curators/

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