a selfie (digiS2016)

I rarely take selfies. Mostly because I hate being photographed, but also because I do not see the need to show everyone in the world everything I do. Here’s one, though, that I just had to take, mostly in order to get Mike Taylor to swear at me 😉

Giraffatitan selfie

I took this while working on my 2016 digiS project, when I was busy getting close-up shots of the neck vertebrae of the Giraffatitan mount. They are fiberglass, because the original bones could not be mounted. I still need a fairly god scan of them, so that once we scan the original bones in detail we can put the high-res scans into the place they should have on the 3D model of the mount.

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I'm a dinosaur biomech guy
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5 Responses to a selfie (digiS2016)

  1. Art Andersen says:

    Good for you Heinrich. I hope all works out. When we did “Sue”, we had the Chicago Police bring in their Zeiss large format scanner and scan the whole mount. The scan then allowed me to place the individualyl scanned bones in their proper place. It saved a lot of time in building a digital mount.

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Seriously, that is very beautiful. You are a lucky man. (But wasn’t it scary up there? It was frightened enough up in the cherry-picker by the FMNH’s mamenchisaur cast.)

    • Well, no, not scary at all. The thing does sway a bit, and it does feel like it should fall over, but driving it myself helped a lot 😉

      I’ve been up next to G. on a 5 m ladder. That was scary, and a lot.

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